CONNEMARA COOKS, Personal Cooking for Special Occasions

If you are time-deprived or culinary challenged, hiring a personal catering service can make that special occasion a pleasure rather than a toil, giving you time with your friends instead of struggling in the kitchen.


If you are in County Galway on holiday and not within an easy distance of a restaurant, or just fancy having family and friends together for a meal in your holiday home, that's where CONNEMARA COOKS will prove to be a godsend and take all the work off your hands!  Just contact Doirin by email: if you're planning a trip to Connemara (or anywhere in County Galway) and you want a copy of Menus.


CONNEMARA COOKS will plan, shop for, and cook healthy, nutritious meals based on your specific food preferences and dietary requirements.


Whatever the occasion, CONNEMARA COOKS will shop for your groceries, come to your house with your special meal prepared and ready to be set up for you and your guests. All you have to do is decide which delicious meal you are in the mood for tonight. Alternatively, if you would prefer to have your meal cooked for you in your own home we are equally happy to do so.


CONNEMARA COOKS is a Personal Chef Service that provides a healthy, convenient, and affordable dinner service.

CONNEMARA COOKS Specializes in -
Formal/Informal Dinner Parties
Celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasions
Informal get-togethers
If on holidays in the West of Ireland we will cook for you in your vacation    accommodation.


Luncheon and Dinner Parties
Buffets for 20 to 35 people
Hors d’oeuvres for Cocktail Parties
Grocery Shopping Service
Welcome Home Package (I will do your grocery shopping on the day you are returning from a trip. You come home to a filled refrigerator, and a dinner prepared for that evening.)

It couldn’t be easier. Contact CONNEMARA COOKS for a no-obligation quote for your specific needs. Put more time back into your day and let CONNEMARA COOKS take care of your cooking, catering, and gift needs!